Pantry Wish List

Top Ten Most-Needed Pantry Items:

Cereal - any type, brand or size, 
hot or cold

2. Soups, any brand, flavor 
(broth or hearty), canned, boxed

3. Pasta - any type or brand

4. Rice
5. Shampoo

Toilet Paper - any size packages;
families are given one roll

Body Wash or Bars of Soap

8. Toothpaste + Tooth Brushes

9. Diapers, size 5 especially needed

10. Deodorant


Please consider having a toiletry drive at your place of business, place of worship or even ask a gathering of friends.
Any and all donations are greatly appreciated.

Our Food Pantry is open Monday - Friday, 11AM - 2:45PM

Families and individuals can come in once a month for a food box and twice a week for perishable items which may include fruits, vegetables, breads, bakery and miscellaneous items.

A family or individual can request a toiletry bag once a month through the pantry. Toiletry bags are filled with whatever
donations we have that day
Client Fall and Winter Wish List 
Unless stated otherwise, items may be new OR gently used.


  1. Coats/Jacket

  2. Sleeping bags

  3. Socks (all sizes)

  4. Gloves/Mittens (all sizes)

  5. Hand Warmers

  6. Hats

  7. Scarves

  8. Blankets


Garden Wish List
Garden Supplies for our out door garden boxes. Please note, we are an organic garden so all materials and seeds MUST be organic. We are happy to accept used garden supplies in good, useable condition.
  • Watering wand
  • Cinder blocks (Used to plant flowers along the outside of our garden beds.)
  • ORGANIC composted cow manure
  • ORGANIC soil
  • Financial donations to purchase specific items for our Spring 2018 season
Image result for watering wand Image result for plant pots Image result for cinder blocks flower beds

Birthday Program Wish List

We created a Birthday Room to provide new toys and gifts for children having a birthday who are staying in our shelters or whose families have no resources to celebrate it! We are currently at capacity with toys (Harrah!) but we are still in need of party supplies such as plates, hats, napkins, platic forks and decorations.

Do you have birthday supplies left over from your own child's party? Drop them off! We can use them!


Shelter Wish List

  • Table, umbrella and outdoor seating.  

Outdoor furniture does not need to be new but please ensure that it is in good condition.

  • Underwear and tube socks - all sizes 


Although many items we take are gently used, we ask that all donations of underwear and socks be NEW.



  • Dressers

Dressers may be used but please ensure that they are in good condition.



  • Pots, Pans and Kitchen Utensils 

Kitchen utensils may be used, but please ensure they are in good condition.


  •   Towles

Towels may be used, but please ensure they are in good condition

Agency Wish List

Being a non-profit agency means that the majority of our funds are allocated to client services.
Donations to the agency will help save time and resources which would best be used for our clients.

  • Dehumidifier
Image result for dehumidifier

Please ensure that these items are in good quality.
If you wouldn't use it in your own home, it's unlikely we can use it here.

Don't feel like taking the trip?
Let us do the shopping for you!

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The Nashua Soup Kitchen & Shelter Inc.
is a 501(c)(3) private, tax deductible non-profit agency.

The NSKS serves the Greater Nashua area. Community support is critical to the NSKS. Over 80% of the funds for operating programs for those in need come from private contributions. We are grateful for your support.