Backpacks for Back to School
Ledge Street School Gym 


Donors: We need your help to gather donations or make a donation to help children in need to go back to school with the supplies they need to succeed!

  • Involve your circle of friends
  • challenge your co-workers
  • suggest a collection be held at your place of worship
      • Volunteers: We KNOW we can't do this without YOU!

We have only a few volunteer opportunities available. Please e-mail Carol at carol@nsks.org or call her at 603-889-7770  ext 21 to see what is still available.  


Please let the parents of students in need know that the Distribution Day for our Backpacks for Back to School Program will be Tuesday, August 19th at 9AM, at the Ledge Street Elementary School GYM.



We will be distributing backpacks on Tuesday, August 19th, from the Ledge Street Elementary School GYM, starting at 9AM. We will either continue to give out backpacks until Noon or until we have none left, whichever comes first. The line will begin in the back of the building and it will be first come, first serve.

                                      Please do not park
                                 in the school parking lot 
                or in the administration parking lot next to the school.


We are asking everyone

coming for backpacks to bring:


1) Proof of where you live.

This program is for people in need living in the Greater Nashua area. Some of these communities include Nashua, Merrimack, Hudson, Hollis, Mont Vernon, Windham, Milford, Amherst and Wilton. If you are not sure if where you live is in the greater Nashua area, please call Juana at 603-889-7770 to get clarification or referral for a program in your area.

Proof of where you and your children live can be any one of the following:


4July 2014 or August 2014 electric bill


4July 2014 or August 2014 gas bill

4July 2014 or August 2014 phone bill

4your current lease

4your valid NH Driver’s License with current address.

2) For families with 5 or more children

 , we will ask for documentation for each child receiving a backpack.


Documentation can be

4your child's report card from June 2014,

4immunization record,

4social security card,

4or a document or letter from their school that shows  they are enrolled for the upcoming school year.


If you do not bring 

the requested documentation on August 19th, 

you will not receive backpacks 

on August 19th. 

If you have questions about docmentation, please call Juana at 


Here is a handy,

we collect and need for this program to be successful.


Programs dates:

Donation Drop Off:

Monday, August 11 9AM - 1PM
Tuesday, August 12 9AM - 1PM
Wednesday, August 13 8AM - NOON

If you have questions about donations or volunteer opportunities, please contact Carol at carol@nsks.org or at 603-889-7770 Ext 21.  Thanks!


Ledge Street Elementary School
 located at 139 Ledge Street, Nashua, NH

Thank you so much for offering to be our Host Site again!  

Please DO NOT CONTACT this school with questions--please contact Juana at NSKS 603-889-7770 


We see the challenges that the people we help everyday face. Sometimes providing the basic necessities for their children to start another school year is impossible. We believe every child deserves to attend school with all the basic supplies necessary to succeed at school. 


In 2008 we distributed 1,800 filled backpacks!
In 2009 we distributed 2,242 filled backpacks!
In 2010 we distributed 1,958 filled backpacks!
In 2011 we distributed 2,214 filled backpacks!
In 2012 we distributed 2,246 filled backpacks!
  In 2013 we distributed 2,319 filled backpacks!  
Our goal for 2014 is 2,300 fill backpacks--
Can you help?

If you are not able to shop and would like to donate to the Backpacks for Back to School Program, you can send a check to the Nashua Soup Kitchen & Shelter, PO Box 3116, Nashua, NH 03061-3116. Please write "Backpacks for Back to School" in the memo line of your check. 


Your donation
does make a difference!

You can donate now, on-line, by clicking here.

Or you can send a check
(note on your Memo line: Backpack Program) to
NSKS, PO Box 3116, Nashua, NH 03061

Thank you!