We do offer Court Ordered
Community Service opportunities.
This is what you need to do to get your hours scheduled:
1) Before you contact us, you need to know
         > How Many Hours you need to complete your service
           > What date your hours need to be completed by
2) When you have that information in front of you,
please call us at 889-7770,
between the hours of 9AM - 2PM,
Monday through Friday, and ask for extension 34
3) We will schedule your first block of Community Service hours for you based on what we have available and when you are available.  Once you successfully complete that first block, you will be scheduled for the remaining hours needed to complete your community service. 
4)  Community Service hours are usually scheduled anytime Monday through Friday, anywhere between 6:45AM up to 7:00PM.  We have some opportunities available on Saturdays.  We do not schedule community service hours on Sundays.