Pantry Wish List for AUGUST
Please help us comply with Health Department guidelines by
checking expiration dates on food donations.  Thank you!
Our Food Pantry is open Monday - Friday, 11AM - 2:45PM
Families and individuals can come in once a month for a food box  
and twice a week for perishable items which may include  
fruits, vegetables, breads, bakery and miscellaneous items .
 Our Top Ten most-needed items are:  
 1.  Soups -- any brand, canned or boxed
 2.  Canned protein: tuna, chicken, turkey, ham, sardines, etc.
 3.  Beans (great protein! Either bagged or canned)(Kidney, black, pinto, etc.)
 4.  Pasta -- any type or brand (elbows, penne, ziti, spaghetti, etc.)
 5.  Canned vegetables -- any brand, flavor or type
 6.  Tomato Products (sauce, paste, diced, spaghetti sauce, etc.)
 7.  Toothbrushes & Toothpaste (ask your dentist for samples!)
 8.  Diapers, especially size large & x-large
 9.  Shampoo & Conditioner
10. Soap or Body Wash
Travel lately?  Family vacation?
  We take hotel size as well as family size bottles
of shampoo, conditioner, lotion, etc!

Feel free to print this list.    Use it as a guide for your donations. 
We encourage you to donate the same items
you and your family use for your weekly meals and personal hygiene. 
Thank you for your generosity!

lease drop off donations at 2 Quincy Street.  
Please pull into our parking area.  
The best time for drop-off is
Monday - Friday, 8AM- 5:00PM.
you so very much!!
Other Wishes....... 
 Our Shelter has requested patio furniture for people to be able to sit outside when the weather is nice.  Our shelters do not have air conditioning so it is wonderful to be able to sit outside!  Please contact our shelter manager, Giovanna, at 603-883-1101 or if you can help with this request or need more information.
We need a working pressure washer to clean up and clean off the loading dock area and the insides of all of our barrels.  If you can help with this request, please contact Shane, our kitchen manager, at 603-889-7770 or
If you would like us to shop for you,
donate now 
 Our tax ID# is 02-0359239
Our Backpacks for Back to School Program
runs July 1 - August 31st.
 Click here to go to our Backpack page
for more information.
 Birthday or Anniversary PARTY!  
        BAKE SALE!  
      WEDDING RECEPTION!              
         BABY SHOWER!  
               BAT/BAR MITZVAH
                 GRADUATION PARTY!
Drop your Leftovers off at the Nashua Soup Kitchen!  We accept donations as long as they have not been served to a guest, or for restaurants, have not left the service window.  Please don't think "It's not enough to bother donating"!  We feed about 200 people A DAY.  We also appreciate any extra salad dressings you may have.  Call and speak with our kitchen manager, Barbara, (889-7770, ext 19) if you have questions or are wondering when you can drop something off.  Thank you!
 Our Birthday Room Wish List

. Great 'tween suggestion from a donor: a gift card for bowling, glow bowling or the movies.  Enough for the Birthday child and a friend to have fun! 

2. Outdoor items like balls (baseball, soccer ball, basketball, etc), kites, chalk, bubbles, jump rope, and anything else you think kids might enjoy! 

3. Baby Dolls, Duplo building blocks, Tonka-type trucks                                                                         

4. Board games, card games
We created a Birthday Room to provide new toys and gifts for children having a birthday who are staying in our shelters or whose families have no resources to celebrate it!  We also collect party plates, hats, napkins and candles.  Have birthday supplies left over from your own child's party?  Drop them off!  We can use them!
  Paperbacks!  Hardcovers! 
Best Sellers!  Fiction!  Non-Fiction!
If you have books and magazines you've already enjoyed reading and want to pass along....think of us!  We have bookshelves in our kitchen
that people can select books and magazines
from to take with them and read.  
We will be happy to recycle yours!
Cleaning out your closets? 
Found some great bargains shopping? 
Please consider donating
       ÖNew or gently- used blankets (any size) and pillows
      ÖComforters and sheets (any sizes are welcome)
      ÖNew socks (especially tube socks) for the folks living on the streets
      Ösleeping bags
      Öcoffee makers, toaster ovens, microwave ovens, can openers
      Öpots & pans, dinnerware, cups, cooking utensils
      Öbooks, both paperback and hardcover: all ages
Any donations  gratefully accepted. (except clothing)

Due to liability issues,
we are no longer able
to accept
donations of cribs.
 Please drop off donations at
2 Quincy Street.  Pull into our parking area.
Questions?  Call Carol at 889-7770 EXT 21
The best time for drop-off is
Monday - Friday, 8AM- 5:00PM.

Thank you so much!!